Rudy Perez is a founding partner and Chief Creative Officer of Diga Entertainment LLC.

Diga invented the celebrity branded prepaid phone calling card which have become a cultural phenomenon… and the most popular way for millions to call home to their families overseas.

In terms of the Spanish speaking market alone, over 200 Million overseas calls per month are initiated from the USA, utilizing prepaid phone cards… and each call creates a unique opportunity to deliver a direct, personal message.

Diga’s Los Temerarios branded card sells millions of copies each month. Los Temerarios benefit from royalty streams and millions of dollars in promotion and advertising invested by Diga and its partners to promote the phone card and the artist…. In these times where record companies are spending less to build an artist’s image, this becomes win-win for the the artist and the prepaid company too!

Diga celebrity branded prepay phone cards and online calling services added two superstars to its roster in 2009… Brazilian superstar, Ivete Sangalo who will become the name and face behind an online calling service targeting US calls to Brazil… And RBD, stars of the hit Televisa TV show, Rebelde, are amongst the world’s best known artists. RBD are now sharing their glow with a prepaid calling card engineered by Diga!

Diga will target the Russia/East bloc call market too with the soon-to-be launched DIMA BILAN prepay card…Bilan is a Russian superstar who won the prestigious EUROVISION award…the first Russian artist to do so!

Diga and its phone card partners are now planning to create and promote ancillary products, such as our pioneering effort to download ringtones and music direct to customers through the phone card and to create promotional and for-sale cd, dvd and other front line entertainment products to be sold in the network of thousands of bodegas serviced by Diga and cross-promoted by phone card prompts and in-store merchandising.

Diga has already created successful marketing promotions for such clients as Clorox, has helped HBO promote sports programming and has promoted new Telenovelas for NBC/Telemundo. Diga has worked with all the major record companies and many top artists to promote their record releases and tours through a unique capability of the phone card which allows Diga to target the geographic areas from which a call is initiated, as a vehicle to blanket a tour market with voice prompt and text messages prior to a tour hitting a given market ticket sales date.

Diga’s loyal Hispanic customer base covers 41 U.S. markets…. Diga has built a solid database of millions of customer phone numbers and has the ability to deliver geographically targeted voice and text messages to these consumers.

Diga’s retail network includes over 80,000 bodegas and tiendas where phone cards are sold … retail outlets all served by a 1,000+ member street team which can execute in-store merchandising campaigns!